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Alabama "Closer You Get"

Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 08:40:42 -0500 (EST)
Subject: The Closer You Get

The Closer You Get
by James P. Pennington and Mark Gray

performed by ALABAMA
44 time

G F C C D|Em Em D|C C D|Em Bm Am CD

The Closer You Get,[G]
the further I fall.[C]
I'll be [Am]over the edge now [D]
in no time at [G]all. [D]
I'm fallin' [G]faster and faster and faster
with no time to stall.[C]
The Closer You Get,[Am] [CD]
the further I fall[G]


verse 1:
[C]The things that you say to me,[D]|[Em]
the look on your face, [D]
[C]brings out the man in me.[D] [Em]
Do I see a trace[Bm] in your eyes[Am] of love?[CD]

(repeat chorus)

verse 2:
Could I be dreamin'?
Is this really real?'Cause there's something magic,
the way that I feel in your arms tonight.

(repeat chorus)
---goes into the bridge---
[CD] the further I fall[C]

[C]keep fall-[D]in', oh, yeah [C]yeah, keep fall-[D]in'.
[C]mmm fall-[DC]in', oh, yeah [C]yeah, I'm fall-[DC]in'.
[C]Yes I'm fall-[DC]in' [C] [DC]
(Yes I'm fallin')
(yes I'm fallin')
[C]Yes I'm fall-[DC]in' [C] [DC]
(Yes I'm fallin')
(yes I'm fallin')
[C]Yes we're fall-[DC]in' [C] [D]
(yes we're fallin')
(yes we're fallin')

[repeat chorus, and fade]

-0---- --2--
-1---- --3--
-0---- --2--
-0---- --X--
-X---- --3--
-X---- --X--

I think electric guitar intro and chorus parts go like this:
G F C D Em D C

and hit these bar chords on their respective parts as well:
Bm Am DC---same as D
---- ----
---- ----
---- ----
-9-- --7-
-9-- --7-
-7-- --5-
You can also hear another guitar doing an arpeggio with the minor chords when
they start with Em, Bm toward the verseintro end.

Corrections welcomed!

Bishop of Nod



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